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Sensi sotto sopra
sensi sotto sopra Opening of Romaeuropa Festival
Teatro Palladium, Roma
29 September - 20 October 2006


Romy Achituv - BeNowHere Interactive
Gregory Barsamian - The Scream
Du Zhenjun - I Erase your Trace
Richard Fleischer - The Boston Strangler
Holger Förterer - Helikopter
Ulf Langheinrich - HEMISPHERE
Marie Maquaire - Tentative d'épuisement d'un lieu, Berlin
David Moises - Hanoscop
Christian Partos - Step-Motor Animations
Pierrick Sorin - Quelques inventions remarquables
Time's Up - BodySPIN
Sébastien Noël @ Troika - TV Predator
Studio Azzurro - Il Soffio sull'angelo

Curator: Richard Castelli (Epidemic)

Art and technology "Sensi Sotto Sopra" ("upside-down senses") broadens the horizons of perception and overturns the conventional way spectators relate to art. A range of different viewpoints, rather than just one perspective, is introduced through these all-encompassing, on-line or interactive hi-tech works. This approach changes customary presentation and appreciation with a dynamic and unusual way of fully engaging the space of a theatre, and the public as a result. These artists have developed from unorthodox backgrounds alongside the pioneering technologies of this continually progressing IT and web society.