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From Flash to Pixel
from flash to pixel
Zendai MoMA, Shanghai, China
20 May - 11 July 2006


Romy Achituv - BeNowHere Interactive
Gregory Barsamian - The Scream
Jean Michel Bruyère / LFKs - Si poteris narrare, licet (EVE Interactive Cinema)
Du Zhenjun - The Wind
Holger Förterer - Helikopter
Teiji Furuhashi - Lovers
Ulf Langheinrich - WAVEFORM B
Thomas McIntosh with Emmanuel Madan & Mikko Hynninen - Ondulation
Marie Maquaire - Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu, Berlin
Minim++ (Motoshi Chikamori - Kyoko Kuno) - Tool’s Life
David Moises - Hanoscop
Erwin Redl - MATRIX II
Tomohiro Sato - Floating Memories 
Jeffrey Shaw - EVE Interactive Cinema
Pierrick Sorin - Quelques inventions remarquables
Time's up - BodySPIN

Curator: Richard Castelli (Epidemic)

"From Flash to Pixel" is an exhibition which presents four states of "the immaterial". Starting with fire, the first domesticated energy, the exhibition follows man's development and transformation of energy production to ever higher degrees of sophistication that has followed in parallel to his own evolution. Electricity, light, and now the pixel which, like the spark for fire, is the basic cell of the electronic image. Fundamentally spectacular because of its subject, "From Flash to Pixel" is also an eye-opening voyage into the most impressive expressions of the today's art.