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Body Media II
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Power Station of Art, Shanghai
28 April - 30 July 2017


Aaajiao - Avatar and Pilar
Sachiko Abe - Cut Papers (installation and performance)
Jean Michel Bruyère / LFKs - La Punition des violents (creation)
Emmanuel Carlier - Temps Mort
Jalila Essaïdi - 2,6 g 329 m/s Bulletproof Skin
Mark Formanek - Shanghai Time (creation)
Kurt Hentschläger - ZEE
George Hladik - Adrenalin
HU Weiyi - Pulp Landscape 6
Manon Labrecque - Apprentissage
Ulf Langheinrich - BODY (for the 3D Water Matrix) and NO LAND IV 2.0 (creations)
Julien Maire - Men at Work (installation), Open Core (performance)
Till Nowak - The Centrifuge Brain Project and The Experience of Fliehkraft
One Life Remains - Les disciplines du rectangle
Christian Partos - The Sorcerer's Apprentice (for the 3D Water Matrix)
Sumito Sakakibara - Flow
Chiharu Shiota - Flow of Life (creation)
Pilvi Takala - Real Snow White
Shiro Takatani - ST\LL (for the 3D Water Matrix)
Manuel Vason - photographies
Susanne Wagner - Self Portraits #3-4-5 and The Sculptor
François Willème - photosculptures (photographies)
John Wood and Paul Harrison - Unrealistic Mountaineers
Wu Juehui - Neural Nebula

Curators: Gong Yan (Power Station of Art) and Richard Castelli (Epidemic)