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Les Prophètes du passé
The future, the end of the present.

For more than ten years, the question of unemployment has led directly or indirectly
in France, as elsewhere in the West,
to a plethora of social and political debates.
Speeches and conferences,
Lectures and secret meetings, congresses,
Electoral promises
Bar talk
Round tables
Sketches, jokes, coffee breaks
Assemblies and palaces, dining rooms and living rooms.
There is no way, nowhere that the subject has not been discussed.
And this is really not surprising
since the concept of paid work is the foundation of our ancient societies.
Its clear, tangible and progressive,
but rapid, collapse
may legitimately give rise to a certain amount of discourse and conversation.

What is more surprising
is the reluctance with which the question is raised everywhere.
Since it is not possible to avoid the issue,
it seems that everyone wants to minimise its importance,
always leaving the main points out of the discussion.

                         First person: What are the figures ?

                              Second person: An unemployed engineer has set up
                              a company maintaining graves ? in Marseilles.
                         First person: How many jobs have been saved
                         this week and how many lost ?

                              Second person: I didn't know the word "work"

                         Third person: Would it be better to cut down working hours?

                              Second person: I speak English fluently !

                         First person: Or even increase them ?

                              Second person: I am going a little lower....

                         First person: Could it be a sector with potential ?

                              Second person: Do you love me ?

And it is best to say nothing
about the worst aspect of the problem, the fact that it has spread everywhere,
and its irreversible consequences.

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