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> ST/LL (2015)
new performance shiro takatani
ST/LL © Kazuo Fukunaga, Ryuichi Maruo
ST/LL is the latest performance created by Shiro Takatani, after two residences at Biwako Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Shiga (JP) in February 2015 and at Le Volcan Scène nationale du Havre (France) in April 2015.

ST/LL is a reflection about the perception of time.

Premiere: 12 May 2015 at Le Volcan Scène nationale du Havre (France)


> CHROMA (2012)
new performance shiro takatani
CHROMA © Kazuo Fukunaga
The title CHROMA refers to the subject of "color", and another approach is, of course, effective audio-visual combination. Both visual (light) and sound are about a matter of wave, so it leads to the basic idea of "reflection and refraction" which basically are the keywords of this creation.

Premiered 8 September 2012 at Biwako Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Shiga (JP.)


> La chambre claire (2008)

La Chambre claire © Falk Wenzel
The artistic director of Dumb Type, Shiro Takatani, presented Die helle Kammer, the first sketch of a new performance under his own name, La chambre Claire, as part of Theater der Welt 2008 in Halle (DE).

A new version premiered in Madrid as part of the Festival de Otoño de Madrid (ES) in November 2009.


> Toposcan (2013-2016)

Toposcan / Ireland © Kioku Keizo
courtesy of NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]
Shiro Takatani revives the tradition of the panorama while combining the latest technology of the scan.
Two versions :
Toposcan / Ireland (2013), collection of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (JP).
Toposcan / Baden-Württemberg (2016), commissioned by ZKM à Karlsruhe (DE).



> ST\LL - 3D WATER MATRIX (2014)

Shiro Takatani is one of the first artists to create a work, ST\LL, for the 3D WATER MATRIX, premiered in April 2014 at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie in Paris (FR).

Composed of 900 electrovalves, each computer-controlled, the 3D WATER MATRIX is a medium or an interface for the making of liquid animated and tridimensional creations. The result is a "liquid" video display where drops replace pixels, with a very low resolution (30 by 30 pixels/drops) but one to which gravity imparts a "real" third dimension.

Thanks to this robotic machine, Shiro Takatani becomes a filmmaker, who creates animations using water drops defying gravity.



> Composition (2013)
Shiro Takatani created many fog installations together with the pioneer fog sculptor Fujiko Nakaya, among others Foggy Forest (Showa Kinen Park, Tokyo, 1992) and IRIS (Valencia Biennial, 2001).

His new work Composition exhibited as part of Sharjah Biennial, has been developed from the installation Cloud Forest with Nakaya, commissioned in 2010 by the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM].
It features 'fog sculpture' in an Arab courtyard, inviting bright sunlight to reflect and mingle in a mystical cloudlike space.

> silence (2012) commissioned by Radar, Loughborough University Arts
silencesilence © Phil Wilson
The laser beam projects various words of prayer such as Buddhism, Christian, Navajo, India, Celtic oral tradition, 13th century Sufi mystic, ancient Sanskrit scripture, etc., onto the wall 360 degrees around in the room with voiceless voice in the still of the space.

This artwork was created for the exhibition "AfterGold" presented by Radar, Loughborough University (UK) in 2012.
> Chrono (2006)

Chrono © Shiro Takatani
Through one-month-residency in Australia in 2006, Chrono was created and exhibited at West Space in Melbourne (AU).

Over 10,000 pictures of the spheral sky which was taken by a digital camera with a fish-eye lens, in one day from dawn to sunset at several places in Australian desert are flashing at a high speed on a small fiber optic scope.
> Ice-Core (2005)
Ice-Core © Shiro Takatani
This installation presents photographs of part of a 2503m ice-core drilled in 2005 at Dome Fuji in Antarctica.

Commissioned by the Natural History Museum of Latvia in Riga, for the exhibition "Conversations with Snow and Ice - observation/imagination in art and science," the Ice Core installation was presented in 2005/06, as part of a retrospective of the works of the snow and ice scientist Ukichiro Nakaya (1900-1962).
> Camera lucida - Experimental Studies (2004-2007)

Camera Lucida © Shiro Takatani
Camera lucida was created at Galerie Kodama à Osaka (JP) in 2004.
A new version premiered at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin (DE) as part of "Vom Funken zum Pixel exhibition" of Berliner Festspiele in 2007.
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