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Ulf Langheinrich
Co-founder of GRANULAR-SYNTHESIS with Kurt Hentschläger in 1991, Ulf Langheinrich has been working on solo projects since 2003.
movement c
VORTEX Ulf Langheinrich
New dance project with 3D live images by Ulf Langheinrich, choreographied by Luo Yuebing


> FULL ZERO (2016) - with Luo Yuebing
movement c
FULL ZERO Ulf Langheinrich
Performance with Chinese dancer Luo Yuebing.

Premiere: 01 October 2016, Recombinant Festival, Recombinant Media Lab, San Francisco (US).


> MOVEMENT C (2012) - with Luo Yuebing
movement c
MOVEMENT C © Ulf Langheinrich
Based on aesthetic principals developed in MOVEMENT A and MOVEMENT B, the new work MOVEMENT C explores the uncertainties of images that are understood as real.
This performance addresses each of its viewers as single individuals, not as members of an audience.
When experiencing MOVEMENT C, each viewer is at first preoccupied with the dancer, but eventually loses this awareness. No aspect of MOVEMENT C is designed to be spectacular; rather the intention is to cause a subtle sense of drift in the viewer's perception; to act as a seductive attraction by means of aesthetic clarity, tranquility and depth.

Premiere: 12 September 2012 in opening of Transart Festival in Bolzano (IT).

> KU (2010)

KU © Ulf Langheinrich
KU is a live project within a sequel of works that document research about aesthetic scenarios all dealing with the idea of a homogeneous audiovisual matter consisting of moving visual textures, spatial sound and pulsating light.

KU is unique in each performance because its sonic key element is the sound of a pipe organ and the reverberation shell of the performance space, which is different in each venue.

Premiere: October 2010, TonLagen 2010 festival, Hellerau, Dresden (DE).
> MOVEMENT A (2007) by Toshiko Oiwa and Ulf Langheinrich

MOVEMENT A © Ulf Langheinrich
Performance for one dancer and screening on the floor.

MOVEMENT A s a work about trust and presence, states of movement, movement in movement.

Premiere: 2007, CYNETart_07encounter, Hellerrau, Dresden (DE).
> QSL (2018)
QSL (Quantized Sound and Light) is a kind of audiovisual trance gabber. Flickering sound and image are closely intertwined. Thus QSL refers to the tradition of previous Granular-Synthesis work and, 20 years later, adds new technological and aesthetic dimensions.

Premiere: 12 July 2018, MELT Festival (DE).

> NIL (2018)
nil The spectator peers into flickering formations of stroboscopic light. The strobes are invisibly located in a white area projecting onto a large screen. The spectator experiences an apparently dimensionless and borderless area through a window.

Premiere: 12 July 2018, MELT Festival (DE).

> LOST (2017)


LOST works without any video projection, only stroboscopic lights.
It is about how exploring the potential of the hemispheric dome by annulling its existence on a level of perception, using it as a carrier into an "Inner space".
It is about being touched by light, an intimate sensual touch.

Premiere: 14 June 2017, Muffatwerk, Munich (DE).

A special version within the 18 m diameter of the SATosphere dome was presented from the 10 April to 15 May 2018 and showcased again as part of the IX Symposium at the SAT, Montreal (CA, QC).

still - matrice liquide 3d
Composed of 900 electrovalves, each computer-controlled, the 3D WATER MATRIX is a medium or an interface for the making of liquid animated and tridimensional creations.

After ST\LL by Shiro Takatani and The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Christian Partos, premiered the 8 Avril 2014 at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie in Paris, GHOST is the third artwork specially created for the matrix.

Première : 28 avril 2017, Power Station of Art, Shanghai (CN) dans le cadre de l'exposition "Body Media II".

> MUSIC II (2013-2014)

MUSIC II © Ulf Langheinrich
3D stereoscopic installation (20 minutes)

Premiere: 11 June 2014, 360° version for the Jeffrey Shaws AVIE, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai (CN).
> MUSIC I (2005-2013)

MUSIC I © Ulf Langheinrich
MUSIC I was created in 2005 during a tour with French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj in Africa. In this work, the images perform like a musical score.
60 minutes, looped (4K or HD)

Premiere: 06 March 2014, "Listen Profoundly" group exhibition, Biennale Musiques en Scène, Musée d'art contemporain, Lyon (FR).

> NO LAND (2005-2014)

NO LAND III © Ulf Langheinrich
NO LAND I (2008-2014)
First 14 minutes of original LAND (3D)
Production Liverpool Biennial / FACT, Liverpool / Epidemic, Paris
Premiere: 2015, Kunstraum Florenz, Basel (CH)

20 minutes after sequence from 05:00 to 16:00 of DRIFT (3D)
Premiere: 2005, ACMI Melbourne (AU) as DRIFT-installation version in 2D

NO LAND III (2005-2014)
20 minutes after sequence from 16:00 to 25:00 of DRIFT (3D)
Premiere: 2005, ACMI Melbourne (AU) as DRIFT-installation version in 2D

NO LAND IV (2009-2014)
Algorithmically real time generated installation
Premiere: 2009, MACBA, Barcelone (ES), as DRIFT-LINE-BLUE

> HEMISPHERE (2006-2016)

HEMISPHERE © Ulf Langheinrich
HEMISPHERE is an artificial space created by 6 high definition beamers projecting onto a suspended cupola.

It premiered for the opening of Romaeuropa festival, as part of the exhibition "Sensi Sotto Sopra" in Rome (IT), in September / October 2006. A new version was presented at Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels (BE) in October 2016.

A special version HEMISPHERE-SAT, was created for the dome of Sensorium of the SAT in Montreal (QC, CA) in 2012.

The dome technical design: Dietmar Lupfer.
Co-production: Muffatwerk Munich and Epidemic
with the support of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

> MUSIC III LAG (2010)

LAG © Ulf Langheinrich
The starting point for LAG is the materiality of the projection screen and the physical and symbolic reality of the projected image. A single, moving image is projected onto a row of four projection fields.
The viewer sees an algorithmically generated visual "substance": a system of semi-opaque particles, a field of noise. This field might be described through its qualities such as consistency, current, density and liquidity.

Premiere: Novembrer 2010, CYNETART - TMA, Hellerau, Dresden (DE).


MOVEMENT X © Ulf Langheinrich
Installations with Japanese dancer Toshiko Oiwa.
> ALLUVIUM (2010)

ALLUVIUM © Ulf Langheinrich
Created for AVIE by Jeffrey Shaw , this work is based on research into pixel and particle fields and their display in stereoscopic 3D. The qualities of such fields that I am interested in are: consistency, density, liquidity, tension, opacity and subtlety.
The material is not created in a 3D-Software, but based on 2D noise and particle fields. The experience of depth is the result of re-allocating of particles, independent for left and right eye. The re-allocation of particles is considered a modulation in which 2D noise-fields acts as modulator while the "visible" noise-fields is the carrier.

Premiere: 02 March 2010, la Pelanda, Romaeruopa, Roma (IT).
> LAND (2008-2013) - Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial International '08 and FACT
LAND © Ulf Langheinrich
In the middle between a cinematic approach and an installation, LAND continues Ulf Langheinrich's exploration into sensory immersive environments, at the core of his recent artistic research into the nature of digital illusion. He creates pure, large scope spaces devoid of objects or gestures yet dense with matter. LAND is a digital landscape rendered solely out of two algorithms that create pure noise.

Premiere: 2008, Liverpool Biennial International '08 (UK)
> OSC (2006)

OSC © Ulf Langheinrich
OSC is an installation for one single monolith in space.

A special huge version, OSC-L, for the National Theatre's flytower was commissioned and presented by Lumiere-London (UK) in January 2018.

WAVEFORM B © Ulf Langheinrich
WAVEFORM is about interference and synchronization. Scans of incoming waves at the Ghanaian coast were denatured by changing the time perspective within the projected image. The material becomes even more artificial as it is presented as sterile hermetic and endlessly repeated loops which inherit the spirit of the original reality. However, these loops seem to move and change organically due to gradually reforming overlays of synthetic material. A meta-sync clocks all four independent projections and defines a hard and dark overall tone in this installation.

WAVEFORM B premiered September 2005 in Ars Electronica 2005 festival, Linz (AT).
WAVEFORM A premiered October 2005 in "White Noise", Screen Gallery, Melbourne (AU).
> LIGHT (2005)

LIGHT © Ulf Langheinrich
Delicate, spinning imagery effortlessly transforms from the nebulous to the crystalline and back again, taking the spectator on a journey through circular space.

Premiere: October 2005, "White Noise", Screen Gallery, Melbourne (AU).
> SOIL (2003-2010)

SOIL © Ulf Langheinrich
SOIL has developed from a work that was originally about the drift between 4 different fields into a work that referees to Ulf Langheinrich's history as a painter and his interest in the reality and artificiality of projected images and perception of time.
> PERM (2003)

PERM © Ulf Langheinrich
PERM is the first abstract “iFilm” created for the EVE Interactive Cinema system designed by Jeffrey Shaw and has a running time of approximately six minutes. The basic aesthetic strategy in the image design is the exclusive use of a small number of treatments and processing techniques, some of which make use of randomly found low-resolution material. This material is used as samples or templates. They are looped, ground, filtered, dissolved, melted, virtually digested, and finally reconfigured into a layered structure, a network of homogenous and formally strict moving images. After such a process, very little is left of the original material. This is called synthesizing.
Audiovisual compositions for Orchestra and 3D images

> PRIMORDIUM (in progress)

Composition for gamelan and classical musicians.
> RE-TIME (2015)
RE-TIME © Ulf Langheinrich
A piece for 3D live projection and orchestra: 2 flutes (+ 1 piccolo), 2 english horns, 2 Bb clarinets, bass clarinet, 4 bassoons, 6 horns, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 2 tubas, timpani, 2 marimbas, 2 vibraphone, percussionists, gong, cymbals, 2 tam-tams, bass drum, real time remote sensors pads, strings ( and electronic (+ 3 WX5 MIDI wInd controllers in 4th part)

> SINKEN II (2015)

SINKEN © Granular-Synthesis
The piece SINKEN, for string ensemble and electronics, was originally commissonned by Art Zoyd and Orchestre national de Lille for Dangerous Visions cycle (1998-2000).

The new version is for string ensemble.

> SOLARIS (2015) - opera after Stanislas Lem's novel
SOLARIS Vincent Pontet


Live images for SOLARIS opera by Dai Fujikura and Saburo Teshigawara

Libretto, Direction, choreography, set, costume and light design: Saburo Teshigawara
Musical direction: Erik Nielsen
Orchestra: Ensemble Intercontemporain
Images and light co-designer: Ulf Langheinrich
Singers: Sarah Tynan, Leigh Melrose, Tom Randle, Callum Thorpe, Marcus Farnworth
Dancers: Saburo Teshigawara, Nicolas Le Riche, Rihoko Sato et Václav Kuneš

Commissioned by Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Opéra de Lille, Opéra de Lausanne, Ensemble intercontemporain and Ircam-Centre Pompidou
Production Théâtre des Champs-Élysées
Co-production Opéra de Lille, Opéra de Lausanne and Ircam-Centre Pompidou.

Premiere: 05 March 2015, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Paris (FR).

> SPINTEX (2008) - by Gina Czarnecki and Ulf Langheinrich, produced by Forma, London

SPINTEX © Ulf Langheinrich
This film is a first collaboration between Ulf Langheinrich and Gina Czarnecki, building upon their individual careers and experience of working with dance, film, theatre, sound and installation.

Filmed at an open-air nightclub and other locations in the Ashanti region of Ghana, where Ulf Langheinrich lives, SPINTEX is based on a real-time transition from day to night.

Premiere: October 2008, Notte Digitale, Romaeuropa Festival, Roma (IT).
> DRIFT (2005)

DRIFT © Ulf Langheinrich
This is Ulf Langheinrich’s first high definition cinemascopic experience.

DRIFT is an abstract audiovisual flow, based on the notion of noise and interference.

Premiere: Ars Electronica 2005
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