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Robots !

Lille 2004 - European Capital of Culture
Le Tri Postal, Lille
6 December 2003 - 7 March 2004


Vincent Boureau - Huis-Clos
Chris Cunningham - All is Full of Love
Dead Chickens - Galerie de monstres
dECOi - Aegis
Louis Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn - L'assemblée, Le Procès
Jeremy Heringuez - Cartons transformables
Host Productions - Small Work for Robots and Insect
Humanoid Robotics Laboratory
Theo Jansen - Animaris Currens Ventosa
Laura Kikauka - Curiosity Boxes
Chico MacMurtrie - Amorphic Landscape, Cave of the Subconscious, Too Big Dog Monkey, Skeletal Reflections
Kenneth Rinaldo - Autopoiesis, Mediated Encounters, Augmented Fish Reality

New jack-in-the-clocks:
Dead Chickens - Carillon des montres
Louis Philippe Demers & Robert Lepage - En attendant le métro
Kurt Henstchläger - nature04
Chico MacMurtrie - Fœtus into Man

Scientists' Robots:
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Kismet
Waseda Humanoid Robotics Institute - Wabot-1 / WL-10RD, iSHA, Robisuke, WE-4R,WF-4

The Ancestral Computers:
Collection Stéphane Mathon (Digital technology)
Glowing Pickles Collection (Analog hybrid)

Robots! Parallel World:
France Cadet - Dog[lab]01
Carlos Corpa - Machina Artis 3.0
Humanoid Robotics Laboratory - Bar Bot

Curator: Richard Castelli

Invoking the tradition of android robots, Robots! offers also an occasion to develop a wider perspective of the robot that will prepare us for the 21st Century, where the functional and instrumentalised robot gives way to a robot that seeks out human company…that is, when it is itself not one that paints or makes music. This exhibition will attempt to discover the wealth of robotic potential, both morphologically and behaviourally.

Whether independent or hooked up to humans or animals, a multitude of robots, megarobots, nano-robots, anthropomorphs, zoomorphs, phytomorphs, or amorphs will be on display: robots from the artists Amorphic Robot Works, Björk & Chris Cunningham, Vincent Boureau, France Cadet, Carlos Corpa, Dead Chickens, dECOi, Louis-Philippe Demers, Jeremy Heringuez, host productions, Humanoid Robotics Laboratory, Theo Jansen, Laura Kikauka, Kenneth Rinaldo and Bill Vorn, the new jack-in-the-clocks from Louis-Philippe Demers & Robert Lepage, Hannes Heiner, Kurt Hentschläger and Chico MacMurtrie as well as robots from various researchers working at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the Humanoid Robotics Institute at Waseda University in Tokyo.

For the Robots! Parallel World event in January, these robots will be joined by several cyborgs, the human-machine creations of Francis Faber, Gameboyzz, Logos Foundation, My Robot Friend, Christoph Schläger, Alexei Shulgin and Stijn. Closing the exhibition will be the robotic operetta by Art Zoyd and Louis-Philippe Demers entitled Armageddon!

Richard Castelli
Artistic Adviser Lille 2004
Curator of Robots!