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Madde-Işik 2

Borusan Foundation
Borusan Müzik Evi (Borusan Music House), Istanbul
28 May - 25 September 2011


Jean Michel Bruyère / LFKs - Assistante sociale (world premiere)
Kurt Hentschläger - HIVE (world premiere)
Li Hui - Amber
Julien Maire - Exploding Camera, Low Resolution Cinema, Les Instantanés, Flip-Dots Mirror
Christian Partos - VISP
[The User] - Quartet for Dot Matrix Printers
J. Sauter & D. Lüsebrink (ART+COM) - The Invisible Shape of Things Past

Curator: Richard Castelli

One year after the first edition of Madde-Işik (Matter-Light), Madde-Işik 2 expands on themes proposed in the first exhibition.

Subjects already touched on are explored further:

Immersion – Kurt Henschläger's installation HIVE shows levitating bodies that fuse or reconstitute themselves in real time and in three dimensions. Quartet for Dot Matrix Printers by [The User] is an immersive sonic experience created by a musical ensemble of dot matrix printers that make music by printing textual scores.

Physical Virtuality – works include VISP by Christian Partos (the only artist included both in the Borusan collection and in Madde-Işik I); two pieces from the series Invisible Shades of Things Past by Joachim Sauter and Dirk Lüsebrink (ART+COM); and four works by Julien Maire: Exploding Camera, a camera that continues to generate images after its explosion, Memory Plane from the series Low Resolution Cinema where pixels change from mosaic tiles into ghostlike objects, Flip-Dots Mirror, a matrix of mirrors each of whose orientations is controlled by computer, resulting in a kaleidoscopic fragmentation of the overall reflection, and Les Instantanés, a rotating glass sculpture that simulates the impact of a drop of water.

To these themes, Madde-Işik 2 now adds a new strand:

Matter and Light – works in which Matter is revealed by Light and Light by Matter, as in Jean Michel Bruyère's work conceived specially for the double-level space at Borusan Müzik Evi: an entity, a being formed of ten medical beds each of whose computer-controlled movement is affected by the others. Or as in Li Hui's fusion of matter and void into a single sculpture bathed in blue light, Amber.

All the works are presented for the first time in Turkey or have been created specifically for Borusan Müzik Evi.

Richard Castelli